Hilltown Shop & Taste

In order to underline Hilltown's gastronomy level within the scope of gastronomy marketing consultancy service we offer to Hilltown Mall, the Shop & Taste event, which was held with the new year's theme from December 22nd to 23rd, was organized as an event where consumers could experience many different flavors together and shop at many stores in the mall with the advantage of discounts. All organizational, design and communication works were carried out by Dude Table.

For the first day, Fireroom with Hazer Amani, Saray Muhallebicisi, Sabır Taşı İçli Köfte, Unkapanı Pilavcısı Snob Street Food, Sahrap Soysal Beyaz Fırın, for the 2nd day Basta with Derin Aribas & Kaan Sakarya, Kalkanoğlu Pilavcısı, Saray Muhallebicisi, Lokum Atolyesi, Midyeci Ahmet, Baba Söğüş and Mini Eatery attended and presented their own prepared tastes to the mall customers.