Restaurant Week

Turkey's first gastronomy festival, which combines all the dynamics of social and cultural life with gastronomy, was held between the 15th and 30th of November, 2019 for the 10th time with the theme of Turkish Cuisine. The gastronomy partner of the 10th Restaurant Week was Metro Turkey which continues its activities in order to preserve Turkish cuisine and local values. Hilltown Mall, Hellmann's and FineDine were among the partners of Restaurant Week.

For 15 days, the best restaurants, bistros and cafes in Turkey hosted gastronomy enthusiasts with specially prepared menus for Restaurant Week. In the project, which included the city's most important restaurants in Istanbul; menus prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner made food lovers experience traditional delicacies, innovative dishes prepared with local ingredients, street delicacies and special recipes. Restaurant Week also hosted tasting events and talks.

Restaurants guiding the country's gastronomy and dozens of chefs who add value to our culinary culture such as Derin Arıbaş, Kaan Sakarya, Didem Şenol, Deniz Temel, Esra Acar Koç, Faysal Üren, Rıza Belenkaya, Hazer Amani, Cihan Kıpçak, Giancarlo Gottardo, Bora Bozankaya, Ali Dövenci met with their guests during Restaurant Week with Turkish cuisine menus and activities. During Restaurant Week, different menu alternatives prepared with a touch of local ingredients were offered in the restaurants. In addition to the 35 TL Lunch and Breakfast Menus and the Evening Menus of 60 TL, there were also "Tasting Menus" which were served in Michelin-starred restaurants all over the world.

One-bite delicacies prepared by restaurants were served to gastronomy enthusiasts at the event named "Tek Lokmada Restoran Haftası” which was held at Hilltown Mall, one of the partners of the Restaurant Week. During the week, restaurants in Istanbul offered special menus for Restaurant Week, while with Metro collaboration, The Art of Tasting events took place. Social Table events, Street Food Party and Street Taste Tables were other events of Restaurant Week. In addition, the future of Turkish cuisine was discussed at the panel series, named as Turkish Cuisine 2.0 Panel in Feriye.

10th Restaurant Week restaurants, menus, events and details can be found at Our website for 11th Restaurant Week will be renewed as the event date approaches.

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