Taste the Spring at Hilltown

In order to underline Hilltown's gastronomy level, the “Taste the Spring at Hilltown” event, which was held between April the 20th -21st with the spring theme, was organized as an event where customers can experience many different flavors together. All organizational, design and communication works were carried out.

Fireroom with Hazer Amani, Özlem Mekik, Alaçatı İmren, Doğa Özkaya "Margaux The Cook" and Shot 34 participated at the first day. At the second day of the event, Alaf Street, Filiz Pasta, Midpoint, Arch Snacks and Shot 34 took place. They presented their tastes to the mall customers. Mac Fit held a workshop with Zumba trainer in the field focused on spring energy.