Marketing Consultancy

+ Sales increase & channel development & trade marketing projects and consultancy
+ Creating marketing experience A to Z 
+ Projects for the sector professionals
+ Gastronomy solutions for different sectors

PR & Gastronomy Communication

+ Traditional media and social media communication service with gastronomy expertise
+ Special projects with the focus of traditional and social media
+ Reaching wide audiences through word of mouth marketing
+ Developing projects and ideas for brands with gastronomy expertise to enable communication

Gastronomy Design

+ Design solutions with gastronomy expertise
+ Design solutions for restaurants - Menu etc.
+ Creating brand identity
+ Logo Works

Food Community Network Marketing

+ Collaborations and special projects with influencers and experts in the food & beverage sector
+ 1 - 9 - 90 marketing methods
+ Word of mouth marketing projects

Social Media Management

+ Opening social media accounts, creating and realizing strategies
+ Creating social media content and images
+ Marketing projects focused on social media

Gastronomy Festivals

+ Creating integrated marketing festival projects, that provide gastronomy experience and contribute to the culinary culture, with gastronomy expertise  
+ Creating the festival idea and brand as an integrated marketing project
+ Creation of the festivals in local regions with local values

Gastronomy & Marketing Consultancy for Restaurants

+ Strategic consultancy from the establishment to opening of restaurants
+ Menu content consultancy for restaurants
+ Communication strategies and design work for restaurants
+ Social media management for restaurants

Content & Video Production

+ Content production with gastronomy expertise
+ Digital and printed publications
+ Video and photo shooting