Who are we ?

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One & Only Gastronomy Marketing Agency In Turkey

We are a food & beverage marketing agency with the expertise of gastronomy communication and gastronomy design. We realize the needs of brands in channel development, brand value creation and sales with an integrated marketing focus of PR, digital solutions, event solutions and design solutions.

Our company established in 1991, started its integrated marketing services in the gastronomy sector with the Restaurant Week project in 2009. With Restaurant Week project, our founder Funda Güzelmeriç İnansal has created a volume for the restaurant sector which witnessed the decline in business volume due to the economic crisis. With Restaurant Week project, was organized for the 10th time last year, Funda Güzelmeriç has been expanding her team and providing integrated marketing services to the most important food and beverage companies in Turkey with her agency, Dude Table.

Merve Akgül, our company manager who develops the new generation methods and new areas at Dude Table, and our founder Funda Güzelmeriç continue to work on integrating the developing new generation economy into the food and beverage sector.

We are the first in food and beverage sector by approaching the demands of the companies not with problem-oriented methodologies but with target-audience need oriented solutions. Our work also develops with creativity.

Our stakeholders with whom we work are indispensable for us. We are working with chefs, restaurant owners, baristas, bartenders, sommeliers, producers, foreign industry experts, Michelin-starred chefs and beverage specialists.

We believe in the 1, 9, 90 rule in communications and WOM. We define ourselves as the 1 that reaches the 9 and those 9 reach the 90.

In addition to protecting Turkish cuisine and culture with our social responsibility brand called “Local is Good”, we reflect our own vision on the local festivals such as Alaçatı Herb Festival and Bozcaada Local Tastes Festival, as well. Our founder Funda Güzelmeriç is one of the founders of “Kapadokya Meslek Yüksekokulu” and leads the team that created the curriculum of the gastronomy department, which was approved by the YÖK. She is also a founding member of the Creative Children’s Association.